You can share your CryptoView portfolio with clients, partners or friends through a secured link. The shared content is a live portfolio overview consisting of balance histogram and performance indicators. Only people who have the link will have access, until you reset or disable the link.

To enable portfolio sharing, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in your CryptoView account
  2. Go to “Main menu” (top right corner)
  3. Find the “Portfolio Manager” section and click on the gearwheel icon to open portfolio settings for the portfolio you wish to share
  4. Find the “Portfolio sharing” panel in the top right corner and click on the OFF button next to the link. This will enable the sharing link
  5. Open the link in a new tab of your browser to preview the shared information
  • You can also use the ”Reset link” button to generate a new link and effectively disable the old one
  • Switch the button to OFF if you want to disable the sharing and deactivate the link