If you suspect that your account has been breached, you can Freeze your account temporally until the issue is resolved. Once the account is frozen, you will have to contact CryptoView support.  

To freeze your account from the platform, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in your CryptoView account

  2. Go to “Main menu” (top right corner)

  3. Click on “Account” section /default tab Settings/

  4. Click the “Freeze account” button and confirm

  5. Contact support at support@cryptoview.com to resolve your security concern

You can also freeze your account by clicking on the “Freeze link” found in most system emails that notify of account change, such as: “Login notification” or “Change of password”. 

Please note that unfreezing your account may take up to 24 hours before our team is certain that your account is safe and secure.