To enable your 2FA (two factor authentication), follow the steps below:

  1. Log in your CryptoView account
  2. Go to “Main menu” (top right corner)
  3. Click on “Account”
  4. Select the “Security” tab
  5. Click on the 2FA Authenticator “Disabled” button
  6. Download and install 2FA Authenticator (Android / iOS) on your mobile phone
  7. Write down your Security Key and store it safe. You will need it in case you change or lose your device
  8. Use the 2FA Authenticator app to scan the QR barcode revealed to the right
  9. Enter the Authentication Code given by the mobile app in the “Authentication code” field
  10. Click “Enable 2FA”
  11. You will receive an email notification upon successfully enabled 2FA

If you experience any difficulties, please contact us at